NFCC Coaching and Mentoring Portal for the UK Fire Service.

Welcome to the UK Fire & Rescue Service Coaching and Mentoring Portal and Toolkit. 

It has been created to promote a sector-wide approach to developing a coaching and mentoring culture that can be effective in developing employees. 

The national portal enables fire sector staff requiring a coach(known as a coachee) or mentor (known as a mentee) to match with those already registered as a qualified coach or qualified/experienced mentor.

Fire sector coaches and mentors can register on the portal and make themselves available to support all UKFRS fire sector coachees and mentees who either, from their appraisal/personal development plan are looking to enhance their individual skills, knowledge, and performance

The portal is linked to other NFCC Leadership Products / NFCC People Products and we encourage you and your service to ensure all products are fully utilised and linked to meet the desired outcomes of the NFCC Leadership Fire Standards, Leading the Service and Leading and Developing People. 

  • To access the portal, please use your FIRE SERVICE EMAIL ACCOUNT

The portal is FREE and easy to use for members of the UK Fire Service! Why not register today? 

Contact details at the NFCC: NFCC Content and Implementation Support Team,

NFCC Coaching

Help and Support

Coaching and Mentoring can be transformative when it comes to developing our colleagues, particularly our current and future leaders. 


We are always looking for qualified coaches and mentors (or experienced mentors), if you would like to join the skilled and experienced team, then please get in touch!

To register as a qualified coach you need to have a coaching and mentoring qualification at Levels 3, 5, 7 or above and include your photo, bio and your experience.  

Need help logging in or gaining a clearer understanding of the portal, then please click on the link below:

Mye-Coach Support (

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